Laser Hair Removal in Brentwood, Essex.

Here at Brentwood Lashes, we are now offering one of the most life changing treatments we could all wish for, and we’re SO excited to be on this journey together!

If you’re fed up with constantly waxing, shaving and covering up because of unwanted hair like we are, this is the perfect solution for us all!

We’ve done our research, we’ve had intense training and we’ve invested in the best laser machine possible, ensuring our clients receive a 5* treatment with reduced time but maximum power for permanent hair removal! Using our Primelase HR 810nm diode laser with ‘Crystal freeze’ technology and a power of 4800w (I know, impressive right) we can zap away your hair faster than you can say the words ‘silky smooth’. Well… not quite that fast, but you get where we’re going here. 

Laser hair removal doesn’t come without its questions and concerns. Below we’ve answered all of your top questions in as much detail as we can about the laser hair removal itself, our top spec laser machine and the ins and outs of our laser hair removal world.

First things first… how does laser hair removal actually work? Grab your lab coats and put on your goggles, we’re about to get scientific. Laser hair removal works by high energy wavelengths of laser light targeting the melanin (pigment/colour) in and around your hair follicles. The laser heat kills off the blood supply to the hair follicle, causing the hair to permanently fall out and never grow back. Our Primelase HR laser is the worlds most powerful diode laser for hair removal with twice the power of most other leading brands. We’ve said it already, we only want the very best for our clients.

How many treatments are required for maximum results? So as much as we’d all love to be hair free in one appointment, unfortunately it’s not that simple. The laser will only permanently remove any hairs that are in the anagen (growing) phase. These hairs are the ones with a blood supply connected at the root. Only around 20-30% of your hairs are in the growing phase at one time, so because of this, it is recommended that you have a minimum of 6 sessions on each area, so that we ensure we can get the maximum clearance possible. Realistically, no laser hair removal machine can permanently remove 100% of hair due to the possibility of hormone imbalances encouraging new hair follicles to form, but we can make sure that 90% of it is permanently gone, and that’s more than good enough for us!

This leads us on nicely to another big question, how much does laser hair removal cost? Now don’t get us wrong, laser hair removal comes at a price to begin with, but trust us when we say it’s worth it. If you think about the money you spend on getting a wax every 4 weeks, laser actually works out cheaper in the long run. For example, In Brentwood where we are based, a hollywood wax would cost you around £40. Getting this done every 4 weeks over the space of 2 years works out at £960, and even after spending this money, you will still have continuous hair growing through so would need to still keep this up. Here at Brentwood Lashes our hollywood package (6 sessions) costs £550. So, needing 6-8 sessions to permanently remove the hair, you’re spending between £550-£770. A massive £200-£400 saving just over them initial 2 years, and just imagine how much more you’d save in the long run! 

Here at Brentwood Lashes, we have taken into account the cost of laser hair removal and how many sessions it takes to get your desired result, so because of this we’ve created courses of 6 sessions, which actually include 1 FREE! Don’t say we’re not good to you!

Prices for laser hair removal will vary on location of the salon, body area and machine. We’ve kept our prices here at Brentwood Lashes competitive, but still as affordable as possible for all of our clients. Even though courses of 6 sessions are available to buy upfront where you pay for 5 and get one free, we have also priced sessions individually to make it easier and more affordable without an initial bulk payment.

One of the biggest concerns with laser hair removal (understandably!) is, does laser hair removal hurt?  Our Primelase machine has ‘Crystal freeze’ technology, meaning it keeps the skin surface at 5 degrees, protecting the skin from the heat and ensuring you have a completely comfortable treatment. This was one of the biggest factors for us when choosing our laser machine, as we like to ensure our clients will be comfortable and able to enjoy their laser hair removal journey with us.  

Does the hair need to be dark? Blonde? Brunette? Light skin? Dark skin? You name it, we can zap it! With laser hair removal being quite new to the aesthetics industry, older laser machines have a tendency to not work on blonde/light hair or on darker skin tones. With our laser being more than double the power of any of the competitive brands, it works on all hair types and all skin types, making our machine stand out from the rest. You do need to have some melanin (colour) present in the hair follicle, as this is what the laser is attracted too, but with a power peak of 4800w there’s only a very small percentage of hair we wouldn’t be able to treat!

Our machine has been trialled and tested on ourselves in the Brentwood Lashes salon and we can very safely say, it really is a life changer!

All clients will need a consultation and patch test on each desired area, prior to starting any sessions with us. So… when shall we book you in!?