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One Eyelash extension, slightly thicker and longer than your natural lashes is applied to each lash. The most natural looking lash extension.

Infills recommended every 2-3 weeks


50% classic lashes, 50% russian fans. This style aims to give more fullness than classics, but without the dramatic effect of russians. The perfect day to night set.

Infills recommended every 2-3 weeks

The Express Set

A one hour full set that covers up to 70% of your lashes to create a light, fluffy, but full look.

Infills recommended every 2 weeks


The fullest and fluffiest lash style. We use handmade russian fans of between 3-8 eyelash extensions and apply them to each natural lash.

Infills recommended every 2-3 weeks

LVL Lash Lift

LVL stands for length-volume-lift. By curling and tinting your natural lashes this treatment gives the appearance of naturally longer and thicker lashes.

Results last up to 6 weeks

Strip Lash Look

If you love a strip lash, this set is perfect for you. Full and fluffy with longer spikes throughout. This gives you all the volume with an exaggerated wispy finish.

Infills recommended every 2-3 weeks


A textured look using staggered lengths, creating a wispy set with subtle spikes throughout.

Infills recommended every 2-3 weeks


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